Due to the CDC’s recommended Covid-19 response plans we have cancelled the “in-person” 2020 Restorative Practices in Schools and Communities Conference June 15th-June 19th. We are offering, in partnership with the MN Department of Education, the other Conference Site Teams and Facilitators, virtual RP training and circles on various topics. 

Registration is now open for the Minnesota Department of Education School Climate Center Restorative Practices in Schools and Communities Online Educational Sessions this June. Restorative practices is an approach schools can use to improve school climate and repair harm. 

Working with our community partners and the RP trainer community, MDE is offering two weeks of online sessions for both experienced practitioners and those first beginning their exploration of restorative practices. Rather than trying to replicate the experience of learning with people face to face, we are offering educational sessions online.

The fee for each three day, 2 hour session is $75; nine CEU’s and Administrative CEU’s will be offered. For further information contact Nancy Riestenberg, Minnesota Department of Education, 651-582-8433.

There are two kinds of offerings scheduled: building the restorative impulse and coaching sessions.

Please click here to access course descriptions.

Please click on the link to register for the online offerings. Thank you! 

Restorative Practices are drawn from the traditions of Indigenous people and communities of color around the world. They are grounded in a common knowledge that people are profoundly relational, interconnected, and inherently good. Restorative practices include ways of creating community that honor the importance of relationships amongst all members in the community; as well as practices to repair relationships when harm has been caused and address the needs of all people impacted by the harm.

When integrated into daily living, Restorative Practices support our thriving personally, professionally and within our communities. Showing up in this way expands our potential for successfully creating a peaceful world- inside and out.

Restorative Classroom

The Conference training sessions are open to anyone who works with youth, including school administrators, school board members, teachers, educational aides, school resource officers, school facilities staff members, student support staff members, out of school time staff, youth workers, school volunteers, family members and community partners. Sessions ranging from introductory level to advanced level will be offered. Schools are encouraged to register a team to the trainings. Individuals are welcome.